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TRIEC Immigrant Awards 2009

TRIEC’s Immigrant Success Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

Now in their fourth year, the IS Awards have recognized Nytric Limited, Steam Whistle Brewing, I3 International, as well as CH2M HILL Canada Limited, George Brown College, St. Michael’s Hospital and Xerox Research Centre of Canada. This year we’re looking for practices that have affected businesses positively, leveraging the immigrant advantage and translating this into business impact

Skilled Immigrants are Key to Business Success

Published Sept. 10, 2009 – Globe and Mail

With the end of the recession in sight, all of Canada’s employers need to be thinking about their long-term talent strategies. A global, competitive marketplace means tapping into and investing in the strengths of all of the country’s work force, including skilled immigrants, so that local economies can grow, compete and prosper.

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Nytric is Awarded at National Conference

Your Workplace is excited to announce the winners of the national award, Top 10 Places Where Employees Thrive. Ten Canadian organizations have won this award for putting belief of their people into practice, and their employees were pleased to speak up about it.

The Top 10 Places Where Employees Thrive awards are aimed at organizations that have created a dynamic and creative workplace by establishing a culture built on collaborative dialogue, trust, clear outcomes, tolerance, and teamwork.

Executing Tech Milestones

Published April 7, 2009 – National Post

Start-ups with good products need to demonstrate value to VCs.

The process of valuing early-stage companies is more of an art than science. This is because traditional valuation methodologies require financial data. But another method venture capitalists use to measure value is a firm’s ability to execute technology