Ice F/X

Ice F/X is the leading Air Hockey game on the market today. Designed as a game of finesse, skill and speed, NHL® ICE FX is the most sophisticated and fastest table hockey game in the world.

When the product was in need of an update, Nytric was approached to see if it could be improved and optimized for manufacturing.

The Nytric team took an existing model, stripped it to component level and devised a way to improve the assembly process of the multi-layer playing surface that made it easier to assemble, thereby reducing the time required. Additionally, Nytric made changes to several of the electrical and mechanical components that reduced the COG without impairing the performance of the product.

In order to meet the exacting needs of the project Nytric:

  • Re-engineered the electronics to update them for newer technology and to conform to RoHS standards
  • Undertook design modifications for ease of manufacturing
  • Undertook regulatory testing for various jurisdictions
  • Developed a manufacturing process plan for faster and easier assembly & test

Overall, significant savings were achieved, game-play experience was improved and the client was extremely happy with the outcome.

IceFX logo
IceFX product shot