Many people think of Sci-fi or automotive robots when they hear the term robotics, but the technology is more far reaching that most people know. From kitchen equipment to CD replication to medical devices and avionics, robotic systems are universal. Nytric has broad experience across a range of robotic systems.


The restaurant industry has decided that wrapping the silverware in the table napkin is the best way to present silverware to the customer in the cleanest manner. Unfortunately, this is time consuming, costly and still not hygienic enough for today’s world.

Autowraptec is a company that brings innovative wrapping technology to the market and, in 2002, the founders of the company approached Nytric with a unique concept – a machine for the restaurant industry that could automatically wrap and band silverware in a table napkin.

Nytric took the concept and, after considerable painstaking research and innovative design, what resulted was “It’s A Wrap“, a state-of-the-art, fully automated machine that wraps and sterilizes utensils straight from the washer.

This product uses many unique and innovative features designed and developed by Nytric including:

  • Complex mechanical/robotics systems
  • Designed unique mechanisms for transporting and wrapping utensils
  • Mechanical and electrical control systems
  • Complex multi-layer PCB for control electronics
  • Developed and programmed firmware and software
  • Developed comprehensive functional test procedures
  • Produced attractive industrial design

The product was designed for use in the restaurant industry and therefore need to comply with many regulations. All regulatory work was managed by Nytric.

Raptor Innovations

Canadian company Raptor Innovations wanted to introduce an easier and more cost effective way of managing multiple CD/DVD duplication requirements. They asked Nytric to take on the challenge of turning this exciting concept into a fully functional commercial product.

  • Nytric provided the following services:
  • Engineered the mechanical elements and completed the industrial design
  • Developed a patented robotic system
  • Designed and developed the hardware and firmware
  • Designed a custom cable management system
  • Completed extensive QA testing in line with industry standards and regulations
  • Developed a manufacturing process plan for faster and easier assembly & testing

After extensive mechanical and industrial design and prototyping, the result is the world’s most cost effective CD/DVD duplication system. The iRippit allows individuals and small-medium sized businesses carry out CD/DVD publishing with greater flexibility but without the high overheads usually associated with the process.