Canadian company soloV Solutions reinvented the television viewing experience through a new system that incorporates space saving and ergonomic design elements – allowing one TV to be used for two rooms. Nytric was asked to take on the challenge of turning this exciting concept into a functional commercial product for the small home.

Nytric provided the following services:

  • Redesigned the appearance of the product for better aesthetics
  • Re-engineered all mechanical elements to reflect a more efficient design
  • Developed a unique mechanical hinge system
  • Designed a custom cable management system
  • Developed a manufacturing process plan for fast and easy assembly & testing

After extensive mechanical & industrial design and prototyping, the result is the new Spinscreen360 system. Ideal for condos, lofts and small homes, the Spinscreen360 system is changing the way we think of versatility in television entertainment.