Zapit Games

Nytric was approached by ZAPiT to develop an interactive game console that would permit up to six players to simultaneously play interactive games directly on the existing home television. Working with technology partners National Semiconductor and Panasonic, Nytric came up with the revolutionary approach of using available low-cost technology to create a game console.

More than two years of extensive research and development lead to a revolutionary new design of game console that not only utilised, but also extended the available DVD technology and integrated with it, the ability to simultaneously use up to six hand-held TV-type remote controls.

Nytric managed the product from concept through design to manufacturing, created new game engines, software libraries, built a proprietary operating system, and hardware.

This project presented many engineering challenges and innovations:

  • Designed plastics and tooling
  • Developed and testing of a proprietary FPGA architecture
  • PCBs met RoHS and other international standards
  • Developed a unique Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)
  • Developed a manufacturing process plan and test procedure
  • Initiated regulatory testing for various jurisdictions

GameWave Software

In addition to the operating system and games engines for the Game Wave Console, Nytric developed the all of the game content and code for the launch titles – new software games content specifically conceived to enhance the experience of interactive family entertainment. Nytric has produced more than ten software titles and has helped to launch ZAPiT Games into the world spotlight.

Zapit Games logo

Zapit SDK

In order to enable independent software development companies to create content that can run on the Game Wave platform, Nytric developed the ZAPiT Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK not only looks stylish, continuing the fluid lines of the console, but more importantly provides all of the tools a games designer will need to produce exciting world class titles for the ZAPiT Game Wave.

In essence, the SDK is a proprietary emulator for the Game Wave and presented some unique challenges. A PCI emulator board involving voltage converters and level translators had to be developed that allowed 5V FPGA technology to be translated to 3.3V technology, for example.

Additional technologies were invovled in the design of the SDK:

  • Designed a custom PC platform for the SDK
  • Developed compiler tool chains
  • Industrial design on external enclosure
  • Applied regulatory compliance testing
  • Implemented manufacturing and testing procedures