Park Assist

Park Assist is a global leader in parking guidance, bay sensing, enforcement and parking management systems. The company has deployed its patented technology in over 15,000 parking lots to multinational clients such as Westfield, Lend Lease, Tesco, and GIC Real Estate.

With Nytric’s expertise, costs have been reduced by over 30% due to the refinement and simplicity of the installation process. With over 24 months of testing and commercializing this patented technology, Park Assist has become the leader in offering this cutting edge end to end wireless parking management solution.

Advantages of the wireless technology used:

• Substantial savings in labour time and cost

• Significant reduction in installation time and impact on ongoing operations

• Improved aesthetic appeal with the avoidance of cables and wires

• Ease of maintenance and replacement

• Removal of environmental constraints i.e. off-street, on-street and on-grade

• Ultra-long in-situ battery life