Vancouver based Novax Industries Corporation is a leader in the Intelligent Transportation Systems marketplace, providing products to improve vehicular flow and the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Novax has developed an innovative Transit Signal Priority (TSP) solution and is a world leader in the design and manufacture of universal pedestrian access solutions (APS).

Because Novax products are safety critical, Novax places a very high priority on quality and reliability. Because of our expertise in GPS, wireless and complex electronic systems, Nytric engineers were asked to carry out a review of the performance of both hardware and software elements of a new TSP system being rolled out by Novax. Using GPS and other sensing technologies linking to a wireless infrastructure, the system offers an effective TSP solution.
As a result of Nytric’s independent testing and review, Novax was able to validate its understanding of the product’s performance prior to widespread installation in the field.

Nytric also assisted with design of new control methods for Novax advanced pedestrian access solutions.

Nytric client - Novax image