Essential Reality

New York based Essential Reality approached Nytric to develop an innovative product that would fundamentally change the human to computer interface. In essence, a wearable HID (Human Interface Device) intended for the gaming market. Since then the P5 glove has become ubiquitous and can be found in applications as diverse as nuclear and medical instrumentation, automotive design and even remote control systems for UAV’s

Starting from the concept of a simple cloth glove trailing coloured wires, Nytric undertook an intense two-year product development project that culminated in the highly acclaimed P5, representing an entirely new mode of interaction in 3D gaming environments with unlimited possibilities in the PC desktop and commercial applications.

This is a product  that, even today, has never been supplanted by anything as capable for the cost.

On the P5 Nytric introduced the revolutionary bend sensor technology along with the following innovations:

  • Futuristic advanced Industrial Design – hygienic, one size fits all, durable
  • A unique and patented bend sensor technology
  • Compact yet rugged  multi-layer PCB
  • A patented, unique but low-cost 6 axis infra-red tracking system
  • Designed custom development, testing and debugging tools
  • Designed tooling and mechanical fixtures