Nytric Services – Mechanical Engineering

Nytric has considerable experience in the field of mechanical design and engineering, including advanced robotic applications. Nytric carefully chooses the type of design, materials and technologies to use in order to optimise the product for the target market.

Nytric will develop concept sketches created from customer requirements that include Industrial Design for look and ergonomics of the product and continue the development route with:

  • 3d solid modeling of entire assembly (Solidworks)
  • Kinematic, dynamic, stress/strain, and costing analysis of machine design
  • Prototype construction and testing
  • Designing and building testing equipment and fixtures
  • Applications for necessary regulatory approvals
  • Engineering drawings and Bills of Material ready for production

Among the many projects to which Nytric has applied mechanical design experience are arcade games systems, virtual reality player pods, consumer and professional electronics, (including unique robotic systems), consumer games modules and advanced ergonomic virtual reality interface products.

Nytric Services - Mechanical Engineering Photo montage