Arcade Systems

Right from the early days Nytric has been recognised as a technology leader in interactive gaming. Not only have we developed world acclaimed arcade systems, but we have been able to translate that experience into other areas such as consumer electronics and medical, military and commercial simulation systems.


The Powerplay team has developed 19 arcade products that have been voted #1 including the “Best Product of the Year” award from the American Amusement Operator Association. Many of those products were developed with the help of Nytric, and when Powerplay entered into a 12-product licensing agreement with Marvel Characters Inc., granting Powerplay the rights to use Spider-Man, The Hulk, X Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and Captain America in the company’s new generation redemption-merchandising games, Nytric was the natural development partner.

Nytric developed the game engines, displays, software and hardware for a range of Marvel and other games. The Nytric Design Services group developed complex interactive graphics, action movies, gameplay animations and 3D characters. Nytric’s innovative engineering team integrated new technologies into the games in ways that had never before been seen in redemption games.

Powerplay product shot

Global VR Entertainment System

When Global VR wanted to build the most technologically advanced Virtual Reality system in the market at the time, along with top rated interchangeable software titles, they turned to Nytric to see if it could be done.

What resulted was the VR Vortek System – along with six blockbuster software titles. The Vortek is a comprehensive, networkable interactive gaming system that features unique virtual reality hardware, interfaced with a PC based software platform. It was a breakthrough that led the way for others to emulate.

Through extensive research and development Nytric:

  • Developed new hardware sub-systems
  • Developed custom drivers and firmware
  • Created compelling, challenging, game play
  • Developed a SDK and created a Vortek software game library
  • Developed comprehensive functional test procedures

A sensational achievement, the Vortek became an overnight success and can be found everywhere in North America and has hit the international markets with great success.

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Global VR product shot