Graphical Interfaces

Modern technological systems are becoming more and more reliant on Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) and Nytric has been developing effective, well thought out and easy to use GUIs since our earliest products. Our highly experienced graphics design team, and world-class programmers, can provide you with eye-popping yet simple and easy to use GUIs.

Christie Digital

Recognise that something was thrown at the screen and struck it, identify the location where the object hit and react to it within a game. That was the challenge presented by Christie Digital when it wanted to demonstrate Baanto ShadowSense™ technology interacting with Chritie’s MicroTiles display technology in Las Vegas. 

Nytric’s solution was a game with interactive GUI that tracked and recorded the hits of balls thrown at the screen, capturing fraction-of-a-second contacts and converting them into glass shattering action in the demonstration game “Home Wrecker”.

Client logo - Christie Digital


When it comes to gaming it is the user interface that defines the experience. If a game is to be interesting and successful the user interface had better be interesting, exciting and easy to learn and use.

The Powerplay team has many award winning arcade products that were developed with the help of Nytric.

The Nytric Design Services group developed complex, attention grabbing interactive graphics, action movies, gameplay animations and 3D characters that brought comic book heroes to life and made exploring the ocean’s depths challenging and exciting.

Zapit Games

Nytric rose to the challenge when ZAPiT games wanted to bring a new games console to the market. Not only was a GUI required for the console, but also an initial 12 games launched at the same time.

Each item was a product in its own right, but each needed to have a consistent “feel” that identified it as being part of the ZAPiT family of products.

From a TV style hand-held remote to interactive game-play, riveting action and score keeping, the Nytric team designed graphical elements for controlling and interacting with the console and each of the very varied game titles.

Global Magic

Global Magic contracted Nytric to design an entertaining and intriguing online career exploration program for students in fifth through ninth grades.

Drive of Your Life is a fun online career exploration game that helps middle-school and high school students learn more about themselves, higher education and career options.

Trip to College is a portal where parents and students can go to explore a broad range of facts and resources relating to a college education. It includes information on such topics as paying for an education, how to apply for federal aid, merit-based scholarships and all courses offered by all colleges in the state of Indiana

The result was the Digital Dashboard solution, which can cross reference various databases and streamlines the overall process to allow parents and their children to easily find the information that they need.

Global Magic logo
Global Magic