Nytric is proud not only of the awards that the company has earned itself, but also the awards that the products we have developed have received. Each is a reflection of the other. Our products have earned awards because of our amazing team, and our team has earned recognition because of the great products that they produce.

Among the notable products that the Nytric team have developed and which went on to become award winners are:

  • The P5 Glove, designed by Nytric for Essential Reality Inc.
  • The Game Wave Family Entertainment System, designed by Nytric for ZAPiT Games
  • Nytric was also involved the GlobalVR award winning Need for Speed, Beach Head 2003 and PGA Tour arcade game systems.
Nytric Products winning awards

In recent years Nytric is proud to have earned three prestigious awards recognising its workplace ethics.

  • The TRIEC IS Award recognises leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.
  • The Top 10 Places Where Employees Thrive is an award for organizations that have created a dynamic and creative workplace by establishing a culture built on collaborative dialogue, trust, clear outcomes, tolerance, and teamwork. Nytric was granted the award having created an environment where workers feel their input and effort is valued and respected, and where innovation and contribution to improving workplace culture are motivated by leadership and management with input from personnel at every level.
  • The Power of Inclusion award is given to companies that are committed to the belief that the work world can be a better place for everyone, and have contributed greatly to improving the workplace experience for all Canadian workers.

Nytric is the only company ever to have won both of these awards in the same year.

Nytric Awards