Diversity in Small Business – Canadian Immigrant magazine

According to a 2009 Labour Force Survey by Statistics Canada, over the last 10 years, 98.5 per cent of all new jobs in Canada were created by firms under 100 employees and almost 60 per cent of those jobs were created by firms with fewer than five employees.

Those who have set up successful small businesses in Canada are well aware of the unique challenges faced when starting something on their own and sustaining it –¬†from knowing the business culture of the new country to learning about rules and regulations. One of the most important roles in small business is, of course, hiring and retaining staff.

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The Rise of the Venture Technologist – published in CRN Magazine

A look at the issues facing canadian end users from the pages of Informationweek Canada

As the fall selling season approaches, InformationWeek Canada is taking a closer look at some of the newest trends that are going to drive the Canadian IT marketplace. In our October issue, we highlight a company that takes the technological pressure off startups; some new developments in the healthcare vertical; and where CEOs see their IT priorities going.

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