Nytric Ltd., Mississauga ON, a leading North American development and commercialization consulting firm has partnered with ESCORT Manufacturing Corp. for its contract manufacturing services.

Nytric seeks to work with the best possible partners, in order to provide the highest quality and most reliable end-product for its international clients.

It was for that reason that ESCORT was chosen to provide contract manufacturing services for key electronic products developed by Nytric, says Anthony Gussin, director, business development, Nytric.
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Nytric is a global leader in providing a complete concept-to-market development solution, along with an easy and affordable financial model and a proven track record of break-through technological innovation. Nytric provides a complete range of software and hardware services, from concept through design to commercialization and manufactured product. Working in concert with Escort, Nytric has successfully released advanced products into the US, UK and Australian markets.

“To date, ESCORT has shown the ability not only to meet the demanding quality standards and time frames set by Nytric, but to go beyond them by suggesting improvements to product quality, product flow and testing,” Gussin adds.