Raptor Innovations

Canadian company Raptor Innovations wanted to introduce an easier and more cost effective way of managing multiple CD/DVD duplication requirements. They asked Nytric to take on the challenge of turning this exciting concept into a fully functional commercial product.

Nytric provided the following services:

• Engineered the mechanical elements and completed the industrial design

• Developed a patented robotic system

• Designed and developed the hardware and firmware

• Designed a custom cable management system

• Completed extensive QA testing in line with industry standards and regulations

• Developed a manufacturing process plan for faster and easier assembly & testing

After extensive mechanical and industrial design and prototyping, the result is the world’s most cost effective CD/DVD duplication system. The iRippit allows individuals and small-medium sized businesses carry out CD/DVD publishing with greater flexibility but without the high overheads usually associated with the process