Our Approach

Nytric is an end-to-end research and development partner with the experience in both the technology and business sides of your industry.

We want our clients to have the flexibility to choose the type of services that makes the most sense for their needs and goals.

Unique Business Model

With the formation of Nytric, the Directors set about deciding how to build a consulting company that was very different from other consulting firms. The Directors had all, at some time, been involved with consulting firms that charged by the hour, held no stake in the project, and passed all project costs and problems right back to the client. In those circumstances, all too frequently, the client has no clear understanding of what the final project cost will be, and the consultant has no commitment or responsibility to the project; the risk falls 100% to the client.

Nytric’s Directors decided that this was an unfair way to do business. That the best way was for them to be prepared to share the project risk with the client. Thus our unique business model was born.

Nytric’s unique way of doing business involves us directly in your project as a partner right from day one. We help to reduce your project costs, maximize product features and cap production times and costs. We can also help to bring investment that reduces development time and gives our clients a competitive edge in the market.

Nytric Business Model graphic

How Does this Business Model Work?

At Nytric, we don't have a range of products, we have a range of solutions to make your products better and a truly unique business model to help get you there faster.

Conventional Consulting Model

At Nytric, our main focus is to offer the most complete spectrum of technology consulting services which enable our clients to succeed in the market place. Nytric facilitates innovation through regimented management processes to ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of a project.

With Nytric’s talented team, comprehensive technical capabilities and open approach, Nytric helps define the strategies that will allow the freedom to design, develop and manufacture the products that are true to the original vision.

Nytric works in tandem with clients to understand their needs and to ensure an open relationship model that offers high availability and responsibility to any issues that may arise during the project cycle.

Nytric’s holistic approach allows the flexibility to tackle any technical and cost related issues head on which provides full visibility on a project and can reduce costs as a result.

  • Undertakes engagement review
  • Identifies issues that will affect project costs
  • Identifies issues that will impact project timing
  • Identifies and reviews environmental concerns (RoHS etc.)
  • Identifies and reviews regulatory matters (FCC, UL, CE etc.)
  • Provides quotation on “Pay-by-the-Hour” basis
  • Handles all environmental and regulatory if required