Information Displays

Everywhere we go we are bombarded by information displays. Ensuring that the displays themselves and the information that they display are reliable, easy to use and effective in the results that they achieve is an area in which Nytric excels.

Baanto – Touchscreen Technology

The team at Nytric invented and developed a totally radical interactive touchscreen technology for client Baanto. ShadowSense™ technology provides home and business users with a reliable, scalable and durable platform that features a robust multi-touch capability at a significantly lower cost than has previously been possible.

The ShadwSense™ technology addresses touchscreen requirements in areas such as interactive kiosks, ATM displays, digital signage and large scale displays using a patented, common technology platform across all applications. 

Nytric’s revolutionary solution offers simplicity and reliability coupled with a high level of immunity to mechanical and electrical noise and to light.


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Baanto – Whiteboard Technology

The Nytric developed ShadowSense™ technology is capable of turning virtually any flat surface into an interactive surface that can interface with a computer terminal. It can do this without the need for special input devices or surfaces or by using active markers. The system can also provide true multi-touch input.

ShadowSense™ technology is cost competitive in comparison to all current Interactive Whiteboard implementations, whilst maintaining high quality and fidelity. Because of its design, the ShadowSense™. Whiteboard implementation is highly resistant to deliberate or accidental damage.

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Christie Digital

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Syngrafii Corporation is an advanced technology company providing unique signature solutions for the online world.

Utilising the Baanto ShadowSense™ core technology, Nytric engineers developed for Syngrafii, a completely new far less expensive, more portable, and more mobile friendly, front-end signature capture solution than any other comparable eSignature solution currently available. With the ability to capture motion, pressure and pen angle, among other parameters, the Syngrafii eSignature solution is the most advanced and secure signature verification product ever.

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