Commercial Systems

Commercial technology is often unseen or taken for granted, but it is a vital part of our everyday life. Nytric has been involved in the development of many commercial systems used for applications as diverse as jet engine simulation and gesture recognition technology.

Motion Analysis

Motion Analysis Corporation (MAC) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance optical instrumentation systems that measure and track the movement of objects. The systems evaluate motion in a wide variety of applications: Animation Production, Movement Analysis, and Industrial Measurement & Control.

MAC approached Nytric to develop an advanced data glove with some very demanding specifications. Not only did the product need to accurately measure finger bend movements but also measure finger ad/ abduction, the full range of thumb bends and motions, and had to be extremely lightweight. It also has an extended wireless range, long battery life and is easily cleaned. With one size fitting almost any hand, and a rechargeable battery, this is one of the most advance data gloves available today.

In designing the Talon, Nytric developed the product from concept drawings to finished product:

  • Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering
  • Hygienic, one size fits all, durable construction
  • Patented bend sensor technology using specialised materials
  • Miniature multi-layer PCB for compactness
  • Specialised flexible circuits and robust connectors
  • Unique thumb rotation measurement system
  • Proprietary, secure multi-pair wireless data link transmitter and receiver
  • Unique power management for extended battery life
  • Nytric wrote and tested firmware and software
  • Designed tooling and mechanical fixtures

Nytric ensured the product was designed to RoHS compliancy and saw the product through FCC and other regulatory testing.

Motion Analysis logo
Motion Analysis product shot


Canadian company soloV Solutions reinvented the television viewing experience through a new system that incorporates space saving and ergonomic design elements allowing one TV to be used for two rooms. Nytric was asked to take on the challenge of turning this exciting concept into a functional commercial product for the small home.

Nytric provided the following services:

  • Redesigned the appearance of the product for better aesthetics
  • Re-engineered all mechanical elements to reflect a more efficient design
  • Developed a unique mechanical hinge system
  • Designed a custom cable management system
  • Developed a manufacturing process plan for fast and easy assembly & testing

After extensive mechanical & industrial design and prototyping, the result is the new Spinscreen360 system. Ideal for condos, lofts and small homes, the Spinscreen360 system is changing the way we think of versatility in television entertainment.


Silicon Valley semi-conductor company Canesta Inc. has developed a unique digital imaging technology, essentially a chip that is capable of imaging not only RGB information, but can also measure depth or distance.

Nytric was contracted by the company to produce a compact camera module utilising Canesta’s proprietary depth sensing and imagining technology that would prove the advantages of being able to sense and measure depth.

Nytric engineers developed a unique system architecture that incorporated the most advanced PCB technology in order to support the highly complex image processing chip. The confined spaced permitted for the device, plus the requirement for a rugged industrial design, led to an innovative solution that included mechanical, electronic and optical design components. The interface allows the camera and depth sensor to work seamlessly in tandem. This solution provided the high resolution and accuracy required to measure objects in 3D space. The ‘RGB-Z Camera’ system is the result of the efforts of Nytric’s internal engineering team, and the product would be used to develop consumer and commercial products that require 3D vision capabilities where depth information can be attached to each pixel. One example: back-up cameras that can tell you how far you are from an object.

Some key features of the camera system developed by Nytric include: 

  • An advanced 12-layer PCB
  • Complex optical sensors for RGB and Z imaging
  • Industrial design elements to create custom tooling for the enclosure
  • Unique power management system for optimal heat efficiency
  • Developed, wrote and tested firmware and software
  • Developed complex algorithms to track coordinates in 3D space
Canesta logo
Canesta product shot