Zapit’s GameWave lets six play

Here’s a look at some hardware and software for the DVD medium.

Game Wave from Zapit Games, stand-alone unit, $110.99. The interactive DVD “set-top” game has been updated with help from this slick digital video station, which enables up to six contestants to use their own controllers and challenge one another in a virtual game show.

cover - Canadian Immigrant magazine

Diversity in Small Business – Canadian Immigrant magazine

According to a 2009 Labour Force Survey by Statistics Canada, over the last 10 years, 98.5 per cent of all new jobs in Canada were created by firms under 100 employees and almost 60 per cent of those jobs were created by firms with fewer than five employees.

Those who have set up successful small businesses in Canada are well aware of the unique challenges faced when starting something on their own and sustaining it – from knowing the business culture of the new country to learning about rules and regulations. One of the most important roles in small business is, of course, hiring and retaining staff.

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Local Innovations Company gives Canadians a Chance to See the Future of Touchscreen Technology at Discovery 12

Toronto, Ontario, May 14, 2012 – Attendees at Discovery 12, will have a chance to touch and be touched by ShadowSense™, a new Canadian-born technology.  Nytric™ and its sister company Baanto™, makers of the world’s largest and most intuitive multi-touch screen technology, will showcase this revolutionary touchscreen experience at the Discovery 12 Conference and Showcase being held in Toronto this week.

A Better Mousetrap

Special to Financial Post – Mar 13, 2012, 1:55 PM ET

By Av Utukuri

While 90% of patents are improvements on existing inventions, legal realities can make filing for such patents complicated because intellectual property law is designed to protect existing patent holders. If the invention you are adding something to is one to which you hold the rights, the process is relatively easy.

Protect this House: The benefits, pitfalls and costs of filing for a patent

Special to Financial Post – Feb 7, 2012, 6:05 AM ET

Patenting your invention is the best way to prevent others from copying it, allowing you to recover the costs of R&D, manufacturing and marketing. If your invention is complex, it will require such protection, but it’s also important to file a patent if your product is easily reverse-engineered. However, not every invention is patentable: ideas that are artistic or do not have a direct practical use will not be considered by the patent office. Here’s a primer on what to expect.

Toolkit: Protective Custody

Special to Financial Post  – Dec. 6, 2011 – 6:20 AM ET

In the court of law, ideas are free, execution is priceless

There are two aspects of an invention: the first is the idea, the second is the implementation. If you suspect somebody has stolen your idea, the first thing to discover is what was actually stolen. People frequently have “great ideas,” but they also have to have concepts on how to make those ideas work, otherwise they’re no better or protected by the courts than idle thoughts.

Big Bang Theory

Special to Financial Post – Oct 4, 2011 – 6:05 AM ET

There’s no easy way to know if your idea will succeed

Some of the wackiest business ideas surprisingly succeed, whilst some apparently serious, and on the surface amazing, ideas miserably fail.

Forward Charge

Andy Holloway  Oct 4, 2011 – 6:35 AM ET

Canada isn’t known for being a nation of entrepreneurial risk-takers despite years of government hand-wringing, yet we still have one of the world’s best developed economies. Should we care we’re not as productive as we could be?

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Christie Showcases Revolutionary Broadcast Studio Set featuring Nytric software at IBC 2011

IBC/AMSTERDAM, (9th September, 2011) –Developed exclusively for Christie® MicroTiles™, and following the success encountered at InfoComm 2011 by the ‘Graffiti Wall’, Christie will be demonstrating a unique “Touch Environment” solution at IBC to show how interactive multi-touch can be used to bring a new dimension to sports commentary in a broadcast studio set concept. The Interactivity Kit differs from other gesture and touch based systems currently on the market offering much faster responses times and up to 16 gestures pointing across the canvas at any one time.

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First every Multi-Touch screen with Revolutionary ShadowSenseâ„¢ Technology Debuts at SID

ShadowSense to open up new possibilities for software developers and consumers.

SID Display Week, Los Angeles, May 2011 – Nytric Ltd., a leading Canadian innovations company, unveils its latest touchscreen technology at SID booth #1443. Developed for Nytric’s client Baanto, an independent manufacturer of touchscreen and position-sensing technologies and products, the new ShadowSense™ E Series touchscreen assemblies are poised to redefine the touchscreen landscape. This new technology expands multi-touch capabilities for the kiosk, gaming, ATM, PC, PC monitor and additional markets by providing a robust and cost-effective touchscreen solution to support the development of innovative new applications.