ShadowSense to open up new possibilities for software developers and consumers.

SID Display Week, Los Angeles, May 2011 – Nytric Ltd., a leading Canadian innovations company, unveils its latest touchscreen technology at SID booth #1443. Developed for Nytric’s client Baanto, an independent manufacturer of touchscreen and position-sensing technologies and products, the new ShadowSense™ E Series touchscreen assemblies are poised to redefine the touchscreen landscape. This new technology expands multi-touch capabilities for the kiosk, gaming, ATM, PC, PC monitor and additional markets by providing a robust and cost-effective touchscreen solution to support the development of innovative new applications.

“We believe ShadowSense is a better and more cost-effective touchscreen technology than any mid-size touch currently on the market. It is a high performance multi-touch solution competitively priced to single-touch technologies,” says Av Utukuri, CTO and Founder of Nytric and Baanto. “This breakthrough technology supports up to four simultaneous touch inputs and provides multi-touch performance and gesture recognition in applications currently using ELO touchscreens. We expect this technology to replace single-touch SAW technology in the near future.”

The E Series touchscreens are available with two, three, or four touch points enabled. This is the first time that touch point size detection (Tsense™) is available in a midsize touchscreen environment. Other firsts include the ability to recognize accidental touches, static object detection, and durability – significant improvements over existing touchscreen technology.

“ShadowSense solves many of the technical shortcomings of existing touch technologies,” adds Utukuri. “By rethinking the traditional hardware and algorithms commonly used in optical touch solutions, we have created what we believe to be the most robust optical touch sensing technology available today. Our patented technology and position sensing algorithms have allowed us to create low cost, high performance sensor architectures and avoid the ghosting, obscuration and ‘dead zones’ that plague imager or camera-based solutions currently on the market. It scales well, doesn’t require constant recalibration and is incredibly easy to integrate.”

ShadowSense’s touch performance is exceptional, boasting a touch response time of less than six milliseconds and a touch detection of objects as small as two millimeters in diameter. Its algorithms are extremely efficient and all touchpoint processing is performed by the touch controller. As a result, the host interface (Windows® 7 USB HID packet) requires no drivers, nor does it consume CPU resources on the host PC or media controller. As a perimeter-based technology, the ShadowSense touch sensor is independent of the protective glass, resulting in brighter displays, immunity to casual scratches and debris on the screen, and vandal resistant operation, while IP65 sealing resists dust and moisture intrusion.

Nytric’s new touchscreen technology can now be used as a replacement in most chassis and systems that incorporate existing ELO single-touch technology. By offering robust multi-touch functionality and a larger touchscreen at or below the cost of existing SAW technology, ShadowSense will not only appeal to next generation developers but will ultimately benefit the consumers who will use the new applications spawned by this technology.

“Over 80 million consumers using popular cell phones and touch pads have succeeded in making multi-touch and gesture-based control commonplace,” says Joe Kotas, Baanto’s CEO. “As a result, simple single-touch applications are being upgraded across a broad range of markets. These touch technologies, although used successfully for small displays, are often prohibitively expensive for displays larger than eight inches and require a bare finger touch. ShadowSense technology scales exceptionally well to much larger displays and it recognizes numerous touch mechanisms including, but not limited to, a pen, credit card, and gloved finger.”

In production now, ShadowSense E Series touchscreens offer industrial quality, specifically designed for long-life, high-usage applications where multi-touch functionality, display quality and reliability are critical.

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About Nytric

Nytric was founded in 1999, and is an innovation consulting and venture technology firm that takes cutting-edge technologies from back-of-a-napkin sketches to fully-functional, marketable products. The parent company of Baanto, Nytric’s services span the engineering spectrum, from hardware and software design to electronics, mechanics and industrial design. With a complete concept-to-market solution and a shared-risk financial model, Nytric is redefining innovation. For more information, please visit

About Baanto
Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance, and accurate 2D and 3D position sensing solutions. Spun out of Nytric in 2009, Baanto is developing products incorporating both active and passive implementations of its technologies for touchscreens, interactive white boards, and 3D biodynamic tracking for medical rehabilitation and sports training applications. Baanto has a direct and partner presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, enabling it to provide its customers with proven technical and sales support worldwide. For more information, please visit
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