Your Workplace is excited to announce the winners of the national award, Top 10 Places Where Employees Thrive. Ten Canadian organizations have won this award for putting belief of their people into practice, and their employees were pleased to speak up about it.

The Top 10 Places Where Employees Thrive awards are aimed at organizations that have created a dynamic and creative workplace by establishing a culture built on collaborative dialogue, trust, clear outcomes, tolerance, and teamwork.

These organizations have created environments where workers feel their input and effort is valued and respected, and where innovation and contribution to improving workplace culture are motivated by leadership and management with input from personnel at every level.

Another award was unveiled at the same time. The winner of the Power of Inclusion award is committed to the belief that the work world can be a better place for everyone, and the winner of this award has contributed greatly Close to improving the workplace experience for all Canadian workers.

Nytric is the first company ever to win both awards by Your Workplace Magazine in the same year.

“Even though this is the first year for these awards, the competition was stiff”, says Vera Asanin, President of Your Workplace, a national company devoted to promoting the benefits of healthy organizational culture through their leading-edge magazine and Your Workplace Conference. “Remarkably, within 24-hours of releasing the survey to the shortlisted organizations, up to 97% of employees in some companies completed the survey form. When you have a committed and engaged staff, the results you can attain are astounding”.

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