Inventive spirit thrives in Canada despite challenges:

Majority of Canadians have product ideas but lack of direction and funding prevents development of ideas

Toronto – March 13, 2009 – A national study commissioned by Nytric Limited, a leader in Canadian innovation consulting, reveals that a majority of Canadians have had ideas for new products, and many have considered marketing their invention. However, the survey results identify specific barriers that prevent inventive Canadians from realizing the potential of their ideas.

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Nytric Wins Prestigious TRIEC Immigrant Awards

GTA leaders celebrated for hiring and inspiring skilled immigrants

February 7, 2009

TRIEC is delighted to honour Nytric Limited with an Immigrant Success Award. Like many businesses in the Toronto Region, Nytric is a small company that has succeeded in a competitive global market with cutting-edge products and a dynamic, diverse workforce. It is inspiring to see Nytric tap into the wealth of skilled immigrant talent in the GTA, as a key strategy for the company’s success here and abroad.

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