Nytric™ Ltd. today announced that they will be showcasing new technologies at OCE Discovery 2010 which is happening in Toronto, Ontario 5/17/2010 – 5/18/2010. Nytric™ Ltd. will be presenting at booth # 614 and 616 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where it will be possible to see live demonstrations

of the Baanto™ single and multi-touch technology, as well as other unique projects such as Park Assist, a wireless parking management and guidance system, ChipCare a Lab-on-a-chip system for detection and monitoring of viral and parasitic infections and Raptor Innovations iRippit CD/DVD duplicator system that is currently in production with Nytric Ltd.

Nytric™ Ltd. provides research and development, turn-key product development and commercialisation services all under one company, utilizing a unique business model that shares the risk with the client, and reduces the overall development time of the project, as well as guaranteeing product delivery dates and quality.

Visit Nytric™ Ltd. at OCE Discovery 2010 booth # 614 and 616 for more information.
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