Published April 06, 2009 – Mississauga News

Most Canadians view one another as being innovative, a national study shows.

The study, commissioned by Mississauga-based innovation consulting firm Nytric Ltd. and released Thursday, also explores Canada’s most recognizable inventions and the relationship between  gender and innovation and education and innovation.

It was conducted in anticipation of World Creativity and Innovation Week, which runs April 15-21. People around the world celebrate new ideas, the use of imagination and a creative spirit.

Officials say Canadians can celebrate that they hold one another in high regard, as 76 per cent of survey respondents believe Canadians have a cutting-edge approach to ideas.

Mississauga News article thumbnailThe survey also revealed that three out of five Canadians have acted on their impulses to create new product ideas, but only 14 per cent have considered marketing the ideas.

Nytric Ltd. president and chief technology officer Avanindra Utukuri says now is the time for Canadians to pursue their inventive spirit.

“Challenging economic times force us to seek out creative solutions to everyday problems,” said Utukuri.

But while many Canadians possess an “inventive spirit,” most don’t know the potential of their ideas. The survey shows that 66 per cent of Canadians face barriers in developing their inventions and bringing it to market because they don’t know where to start or get funding.

Utukuri told The News Canadians need to come out of their conservative shell and take some risks.

“We don’t promote ourselves very well,” he said. “Not like the flamboyant neighbours to the south…we’re very understated.”

Utukuri says by not taking risks, Canadians are stifling innovation.

“The more that everyone promotes what Canada is capable of doing, the better it is for everyone,” said Utukuri. “Our success is based on the success of people we’re invested in.”

Nytric Ltd., located on Viscount Rd., invests in inventors and helps turn ideas into marketable products.

By Julia Le, April 6, 2009