Raptor Innovations International Ltd. of Mississauga, Ont., has released a disk duplication device that enables SMB businesses to duplicate information on CD or DVD, 50 at a time, unattended.

The device is ideal for any business that produces marketing material on CD or DVD media, records seminars for training purposes, trade show handouts or new product/service information.

IT Business article thumbnailAccording to the company, the medium that is widely used today is CD or DVD. Companies are spending their dollars to duplicate information by either having an employee perform the copying task with their PC, one disc at a time or they are sending the discs out (which can cost from $4-$7 a disc).

The iRippit product enables businesses to take the master copy of any recorded data on CD or DVD and make copies 50 times over night (or in the span of aproximately two hours, depending on the size of the recording). An average file/video on a disc is typically 1 to 1.5 hours in length.

Jeff Doan, director of products of Nycomed, said the iRippit is an ideal device for us since we put new product information onto CD and send it out to all our field sales representatives. It allowed my assistant to copy the discs unattended.

By CDN Staff


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